EU MediaClick Services


Eu MediaClick is known for its Affiliate Network service, campaign building, and performance-based approach originates from this service. If you are looking for more information in regard to this service OR you are looking to become and Affiliate, please feel free to contact us.


As online network of marketers, we are fully aware to the fact that there are a lot of business and product owners which are looking for their products and services to be promoted and thus resulting in more sales. This is where our Market Place comes into place where we build a unique portfolio and campaign suitable for your advertiser’s needs. Contact us for more information about this service.


What is Media Buying as a service? It is basically the ability to utilize a predefined marketing budget into various online ad spaces which are both correlated with your product / service and with your campaign guide lines. Media Buying is a high performing source of traffic stream which can also be used for brand exposure and branding. Contact us for more information.


Our experience showed us that there are many partnerships which does not fall in to the known and common criteria of publisher / advertiser. Therefore we’ve build over the years our unique Business Development department which governors all business partnerships projects and generates these amazing business relations in places were we never imagine before. For more information please contact us


over 10 years of marketing experience we’ve learned that the need of an operation to PUSH for results will damage the full potential of marketing budget, campaign or of the results. Our Campaign Building team is a dedicated team which will review & analyze your current; creatives, funnels, sales points and strategy – Thus leading to a full campaign optimization, integrations, and reaching the campaign full monetization potential. Feel free to contact us for more information


Email Marketing, if it is an internal or external, is the most important tool for an operation which is looking for; client monetization, acquisition & lead generation sources. Not implementing email campaign is a known loss of potential for your business – We’ve seen and helped countless operations implementing Email marketing and lived to see the amazing results this tool and channel provides. Contact us for more information.