An Advertiser is the product or service owner,
Which is looking to increase his sales volumes & revenue.

Our Advertising Team, is made of, data analysts, product managers & campaign creators.This allows us to provide a platform of both experts & supporting tools for our advertisers to run their “offerings” on our network based on a set of logical rules which defines the guidelines for partners to work with them and drive sales.As a main guideline, our Advertising Team is dedicated to “monitor and maximize your campaigns”

Since we operate online where cyber attacks, potential fraudulent activities are constantly happening world wide,
We’ve placed our advertiser with integrated 3rd party AML, Anti Theft, Anti-Fraud and other such services which are designed to optimize & protect your campaign and performance integrity.


A Publisher is an Affiliate,

EU MediaClick has one of the largest Publisher Departments of top offers across multiple verticals & products, within the Gaming Industry. If you publish & drive traffic on mobile, desktop, or any other channel, our team would be happy to discuss your campaign building & optimization options.

Above all we are always looking as a network to deliver high quality traffic to our advertisers. This is only achievable with dedicated guidance, support, and management of our diverse publishers. No matter if you are a Media Buyer, Blogger, Mailer, the like, our approach is always personal, professional and unique per affiliate.

In order to support and meet such standards and epic missions, we provide an advanced campaign building & monetization tools which are built in to our Affiliate Tracking Technology.
With EU MediaClick, You will quickly notice an increase in your traffic quality rankings accompanied with increased performance.


Joint venture & Business Partnerships,

Are ventures and cooperation which does not qualify for the two sections above. JV in marketing is an agreement between two companies in which both organizations combine marketing strategies, campaigns and resources in order to increase their revenues.

Joint venture marketing, is referred as co-marketing or a strategic alliance, allows two companies to combine the strength of their marketing efforts in order to build sales revenue and increase brand recognition.